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Hi, I am Pascale, a qualified equine bodyworker, equine nutritionist, instructor and coach.

Equi Libre's history goes back to my childhood when I first encountered horses. I had an instant attraction to them, a fascination that has been with me ever since. Over the course of my life, I've travelled down some dark roads and endured traumatic experiences that have taken years to process and heal. Traditional therapy hadn't been effective, it kept me at a standstill rather than helping me progress. The only ones that have ever helped me through were the horse and their deeply healing nature.


When I bought my first horse Apache in 2015, I realised just how similar horses and I really were. He is the very reason I decided to dedicate my life to improving the welfare of horses. In 2017, I became certified in equine sports massage and started my own business in Southern Maryland, USA. In 2019, I moved back to Europe and continued my education in equine physiotherapy and nutrition, obtaining my Trainer C and riding instructor licences.


However, I soon realised that the traditional concepts in the equine world did not align with my vision. In my world, horses are respected and treated as the incredible athletes and sentient creatures that they are, and not as a means to an end. Realizing just how much still needs to be done for equine wellfare, I made a conscious decision to distance myself from the traditional equestrian world and began to lead the way in holistic equine health and training. As I began to take on my first clients in Luxembourg, I quickly realized that I had much more to offer than simply working on the body of the horse.


My clairsentience and intuitive skills proved to be useful tools in working with horses and their owners, as I have a very ethical and authentic approach in providing individualized support. Through coaching riders I realised that all the trauma I had been through was actually my superpower. 


It is this new found understanding that has inspired me to not only keep my healing skills to myself or to horses, but to step forward with my life story to inspire others not to give up on themselves, but to hold space for all parts of them without judgement, to truly support them in their personal growth and to help them move from surviving to truly flourishing.

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