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Your Journey Begins Here

Horses are such mesmerizing creatures - aren’t they?
So wild and free, in tune with each other and their environment.

That is of course until we humans come into play - confining them,
changing their diets, imposing our will without considering theirs.

I'll be the first to admit, I messed up with my horses.
The way I was taught? It missed the mark.
But everything clicked when I started watching them just be horses – unmanaged, unbothered by human hands. That's when my perspective did a full 180.

Then came yet another rough patch in my life, and it hit me hard.
During that time, I hung out with my horse – no expectations, no agenda.
And something incredible happened. Just being near them, I felt better.

It was the same feeling I had as a kid, that thrill every time I caught sight of horses.
It wasn't  just about my love for horses – they're part of who I am, they're my life's work.
They've been the one constant through all my ups and downs.

Welcome to Equi.Libre

Experience trust and healing with Pascale and Raevyn, embodying Equi.Libre's commitment to profound equine-human relationship

It took some soul-searching, but eventually I figured it out. I needed to work with horses,
to give back to them for all they did for me through the toughest parts in life.

In 2017, I got certified in equine sports massage and started my business - but I still felt like
something was missing. I decided to trust my my gut on this one and it has led me on a journey!
Not gonna lie, it was tough, and I had to do some serious self-reflection - ultimately ditching the victim mindset that has kept me safe all these years and take charge. I followed my passion to do right by horses, honoring their true nature instead of working against it.

The biggest realization was that the key to making a difference for the horses meant addressing
how we, their owners and caretakers, need to change. It's scary to let go of old ways, but let's be real – most of the issues horses face come from our own actions.

If you're nodding along with what I'm saying, you're already a huge step closer
to helping your horse improve, and I'm here to help guide the way.

My mission has led me to create a range of services designed to rebalance your horse's
(and possibly your) physical, mental, and emotional health.
I am offering personalized care only - no rushing or forcing progress.
Working alongside you and your horse, moving at a pace that’s comfortable for everyone.
Instead of a one-method-fits-all approach, I adapt to meet individual needs and preferences.

Come check out what Equi.Libre can offer you - let's start this journey together!

Your interest in my services warms my heart.

I'm not here to make a quick buck; I'm here to embark on a journey of genuine connection, personal growth and long lasting change.

Your story is unique, and I'm eager to understand it better. Please take a moment to fill out the form.

With heartfelt regards,

for finding your way to Equi.Libre!

Thank you,

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