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  • Nutrition - Optimization:

Healthy nutrition is the key to a happy and productive horse.

Good health starts on the inside, so let's optimize your horse's nutrition

to promote its health and vitality.

  • Performance Body Scan:

The Equine Performance Bodyscan is a groundbreaking tool to improve

your horse's health and performance. Thanks to an extensive hair analysis with a detailed report, we can develop individual solutions for your horse.


  • "EquiBoost" Bodywork:

Performance body work increases your horse's health and performance

to a new level, using targeted techniques and specialized methods.

  • "EquiZen" Wellness:

Treat your horse to a soothing wellness experience combining equine sports massage, essential oil aromatherapy, and optional energy healing.

It's a caring gesture to honor your horse for their invaluable role in your life. 

For Your Horses:


  • Personalized Coaching (online)

    Unlock your path to freedom and self-fulfillment with personalized coaching that goes beyond standard therapy. Drawing from my own life challenges—I offer deep, introspective sessions tailored to meet you where you are. Rediscover your true self and break through barriers, with or without horses. Whether you seek minor adjustments or a major life overhaul, my package deals ensure lasting results. Join me for transformative individual sessions or explore the power of group learning in horse-guided workshops.

  • Foundational Connection Building

    Discover tailored equestrian coaching focused on optimizing the connection between you and your horse. With a bespoke approach sensitive to your horse's needs, we'll tackle both physical and behavioral challenges head-on. My goal is to equip you with the skills and understanding necessary to nurture your horse's well-being long-term. Together, we'll set achievable goals and develop a balanced plan that suits your unique situation, fostering a relationship built on clear communication and mutual trust, whether on the ground or in the saddle.


  • BONUS - “New Horse Owner Program"

    Your personalized guidance for a smooth and informed selection process.
    As a seasoned horse enthusiast, I understand that embarking on the journey of horse ownership can be overwhelming. With this program, I provide tailored support to first-time buyers, from understanding your unique needs to assisting in the selection of the perfect equine companion, Equi.Libre is your trusted partner in making this exciting transition into horse ownership."

For You:

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